• Vision
    • To further space capabilities for the betterment of humanity and the planetary global environment
  • Mission
    • We believe an open standards basis is essential to the success of any enterprise. Therefore, to achieve the vision we share with many, the Space Infrastructure Foundation (SIF) is committed to the development and use of an open technical standards basis for space. 
  • We Will Do This By
    • Supporting the standards development process up to and including the international level.
    • Education of professional and the public. We will advance education on space technical standards. We will develop and present courses of instruction through professional training courses, correspondence, and electronic media. We will conduct and support public discussion groups, forums, panels, and lectures.
    • In Charity apply space infrastructure, as based on openly developed and published technical standards to provide relief or help to those in need; enhance the infrastructure to strengthen local, regional, and global community services, and; through our work in technical standards development reduce the need for governmental technical support to the infrastructure.


Interested in Standardization for Space? Or just confused? The SIF Space Standards and Architectures course is designed for you. Find us at a space conference or contact us to schedule a presentation at your facility. This is an AIAA Standards Executive Council approved course.